Anna ♥

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❀After a long break from avatars I give you Anna the flower maid. ❀

All Bounding issues that are in the video have been fixed. We only noticed it after we filmed

ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Toggles.

Clothes~ Backpack, Bodysuit, Bra, Corset, Skirt, Garter, Sleeves, Gloves, Panties, Heels, Stockings, Choker.

Accessories~ Heel Type, Earrings, Eyepatch, Glasses, Headband, Head bow, Head Dress, Wrist Bow.

Other~ Ears, Tail, Hair Type, Tail Wag

Toys~ Rose, Bear Follower, Hue, Bell Sound, Full Dissolve.

Marker~ On/Off, Colour, Brush Size, Eraser, Eraser Size, Clear, Local Space.

Dps~ P**sy, A**l, Left Hand, Right Hand, Thighs, etc...

ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Features.

Fbt Tested ~ Works in Fullbody

Contact receivers~ Head pat, boop, Bell Jingle.

No Game Rips ~ All assets are intended to be used for Vrc

Full set of gestures~ She has 5 gestures in total.

Rigged Skirt~ A skirt that moves when you twirl.

Ear Movement~ Ears move with Gestures.

ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Upload Instructions.

Open a new project in Unity (2019.4.3).

Import the latest Sdk from the vrchat website.

Import Poi Shaders (Included).

Import Dps, you can find it here

Import the package. ^.^

ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Rules.

Do not share this package with anyone.

❤ Do not make this avatar public.

❤ Do not claim as your own or re-sell this model.

❤ Please know how to upload models before buying.

❤ Do not take assets off this model.

❤ Do not copy my work, you can take inspiration but there is a difference. c:

❤ Please put in the right info when buying. Please contact me if there is an issue.

❤ If your not happy with the model or there are issues please contact me via discord. I want to make sure everyone enjoys my models ^.^

❤ If you would like to use the model for streaming or other Vr purposes please credit my model and make sure none of the files are available to anyone at all times.

ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Credits.

Ears & Pigtails By sleepy#0707

Backpack & Earrings By Inky#1000

Headdress & Eyelet By Flexuh#0001

Corset, Skirt & Sleeves By Lolo#5454

Boots By Deimos#6533

Socks By PokerBlunders#0001

Long Hair By Saikura#0006

Maid Headband By Tori | とりにゃん#1295

Choker By ничто#6666

Bra By Monkee#2000

Nail Accessories By eggyu#4097

Bows & Garter By Miriaaam#7537

Head By Cicieaaa#7777

Tail By Cupkake#6666

Glasses By jin#0112 + glitch#0112

Wrist Bows By OniiGirii#5977

Body By Pandaabear#9873

Flowers By Julie♥️#7238

Bodysuit By Tii#0917

Other Heels By littlelulu#7777

Body Texture By Ying#6669 & Syh#3636

Eye Texture By Douji#1350

Rose By James (No discord)

Bear Follower By Chessuru#1564

Lace Texture By Maible#8888

Hearts By Gemini#4086

Unity Tools I used : Dps Setup: fluff#5265 Toggle Creator: Rafa#0069 Pen: VRLabs

The base panties were made by me I'll put them for free in my server ♡

Most of these assets have been edited by me please buy them from the original creators do not take them from my model. If I've missed any credits please let me know. ♡

Thank you so much to Hiro for Filming & Editing. Quokka & Seloffen for doing the showcase.

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Anna ♥

6 ratings