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18 ratings

This is Asami The Ribbon Dancer

I hope you enjoy her, please read through everything and leave a good rating if you like her. ♡

Join my server if you want to show off your edits, I'd love to see them!

Special thanks to Medina, Bentai & Jukia for helping me.

Physbone Interactions:

  • Head Pat- Eyes shut and hearts appear.
  • Ass Slap- Slap sound plays (can be turned off).


  • Short Ribbons- One in each hand.
  • Long Ribbon- One in the right hand
  • Foot Prints- They follow behind you

Colour Changes:

  • Main Outfit hue.
  • Eye Hue.
  • Glitter Intensity.
  • Skin Colour.


  • Tails
  • Ears
  • Hair Type - Long > Ponytail.


  • Arm Straps
  • Veil
  • Feather Boa
  • Heels
  • Leg Straps
  • Panties
  • Arm Spiral
  • Top

All Clothing Toggles are Dissolve Toggles.

The package comes with two models one with tail gravity & one without.

Import: Sdk, Poi Shaders & Dps


Body BodyTex Tattoos Head Ears Hair 1 Hair 2 Hearts Eye Textures Top Panties Heels Heel Bottoms Tail Footprints Feather Boa Ribbons Dps System Veil Belly Button Piercing Rings Snake Hand Nails Icons

If I'm missing any please let me know.

Leg Straps, Ribbon, Nose piercing, Bows, Arm Straps & Arm Chain are made by me. Most of them can be found in my nitro

Click Here


Do not share this package with anyone.

-Do not make this avatar public.

-Do not claim as your own.

-No reselling.

-No refunds.

-Do not take assets off this model you must buy them off the original creators.

-Please know how to upload models before buying.

- Please only contact me if the package has issues.

-Do not copy this model be original with your ideas ♡

If you break any of these rules you will be banned & blacklisted from mine and my partners servers.

This product is not currently for sale.


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