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Lexi | Limited | Quest

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This is a limited model she will only be up for the easter period, after that she will be taken down and you will not be able to purchase her. Please do not dm me about it ♡

If you want future updates on when limited models come out join my server

3 Outfits: Playsuit with pasties, Towel, Bodysuit.

Clothes: Thigh Highs, Bunny Heels, Beret, Arm Ribbons.

Accessories: Backpack, Choker, Heart Earrings, Bunny Ears, Bunny Tail, Eyepatch, Garter, Glasses, Band-Aids, Leg Chain, Necklace, Rings, Love Note.

Extras: Ass Slap (Leaves a red mark), Hand Particles, Knife, Hue Shift.

Dps: Oral, Right Hand, Left Hand, A**l, P***y.

Body: Hair Swap (Pigtails to Long Hair), Hair colour swap, Skin tone swap.

You also toggle an in game companion, a small fluffy llama that will follow you wherever you go. ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ

The model comes with 5 gestures hands open activates a particle system. All her gestures are set up with Better Gestures for my non index people ♡

She also has 3 Contacts: Boop, Headpat & Ass Slap.

Her quest version has some toggles that are blanked out due to them not being compatible. She comes with one outfit, her bodysuit, and you don't have a llama pet unfortunately

Click on the discord to be taken to their products.

Video & Pictures By Nem#3003

| | Body: Sugs#9795 | | Body Tex: Ying#6669 Decay#0666 Miriloo#8133 | | Head: Cicieaaa#7777 sleepy#0707 | | Band-Aids & Bodysuit: Milky Mommy#6969 | | Backpack: Fooly#2329 | | Choker: xSnail#2902 | | Ears: Peachu#2577 | | Eyepatch: Alc#0002 | | Garter: MUSE#0885 | | Knife: Ⱥɴɢᴇʟ | | Hair & Ribbons: sleepy#0707 | | Heels, Tail & Towel: Nauuki#5353 | | Leg Chain: OniiGirii#5977 | | Necklace: Lolo#5454 | | Note: Samaye#6140 | | Outfit 1: Lunanyxia#0001 | | Pubes: Zeit#9150 | | Socks: berryvee#0697 | | Icons: Uni#1369 | | Dps Setup: fluff#5265 | | Toggle Maker: Rafa#0069 | | Ass Decals: Clem#6669 | | Better Gestures: Wolvei#0001 | | Llama: Beartrap#0321 | | Particles: Raivovfx | |

The earrings, glasses & rings are by me and can be found in my nitro.

Most of these assets have been edited/rigged by me please do not reuse them.


Do not share this package with anyone.

You must be 18+ to purchase this model.

❤ Do not make this avatar public.

❤ Do not claim as your own or re-sell this model.

❤ Please know how to upload models before buying.

❤ Do not take assets off this model.

❤ Do not copy my work, you can take inspiration but there is a difference. c:

❤ Please put in the right info when buying. Please contact me if there is an issue.

❤ If you're not happy with the model or there are issues please contact me via discord. I want to make sure everyone enjoys my models ^.^

❤ If you would like to use the model for streaming or other Vr purposes please credit my model and make sure none of the files are available to anyone at all times.

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.
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Lexi | Limited | Quest

56 ratings