Snow | Free Model | Quest

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Here's my free model Snow I hope you enjoy her

~ Happy Christmas!!!


Clothes~ Mask, Choker, Heels, Thigh Highs, Ribbons, Top ⤳ Pasties.

Accessories~ Ears, Tail, Long Hair ⤳ Braids.

Colours~ Hue Shift, Colour Change ( White/Blue ⤳ Red/Gold).

Contacts~ Headpat, Boop, Bell Jingle.

Gestures~ Angry, Happy, Lewd, Sad, Smile, Wink.

Extras~ Dancing Ribbon & Christmas Present.


Fbt Tested ~ Works in Fullbody

Quest Friendly~ Works in both Quest & Pc

No Game Rips ~ All assets are intended to be used for Vrc

Full set of gestures~ She has 6 gestures in total.

Ear Movement~ Ears move with Gestures.

Interactive Christmas Present~ When you open the lid you will find a message inside!


Do not share this package with anyone.

❤ Do not make this avatar public.

❤ Do not claim as your own or re-sell this model.

❤ Do not take assets off this model.

❤ Do not copy my work, you can take inspiration but there is a difference. c:

❤ Please put in the right info when purchasing. Please contact me if there is an issue.

❤ If your not happy with the model or there are issues please contact me via discord. I want to make sure everyone enjoys my models ^.^

❤ If you would like to use the model for streaming or other Vr Purposes ( Tutorials, Showcasing, NeosVR, Chillout VR, etc), please credit my model and make sure none of the files are available to anyone at all times.


Body, Head, Hair & Thigh-highs By Sugs#9795

Elf Ears By Cupkake#6666

Gloves By Parsley#8579

Heels By Deimos#6533

The Straps, Bows, Mask, Choker, Ears, Earrings, Tail, Teeth, Panties, Ribbon, Christmas Present, Render, Tattoos are all by me.

You can get the outfit for free on my gumroad. The rest will be put in my nitro ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ

I want this!
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Snow | Free Model | Quest

573 ratings
I want this!