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This model has not been converted over to vcc ♡

Named after my amazing best friend Jukia ♡


  • Dissolve Toggles
  • Hue Shift
  • Spring Joint ball
  • Fans
  • World Constraint Pole
  • Hair Swap, Long hair > Ponytail
  • Gestures with Particle Systems
  • Good Dynamic Bones / Physbones
  • Lots Of Dps


  • Use 2019.4.31
  • Newest Sdk, Poi Shaders (Included), Dps, Then The Package.


Body Body Texture Head Hairs Buns Bows Ears Dress Face Stickers Gloves Rings Panties Socks Heels Tail Tattoos Belly button Piercing Spring Joint Ball Fan Tongue Particles Icons Dps System
Top, Garters, Face Chain, Render, Pole & Arm Spiral are made by me & can be found Here


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Do not take assets off this model.

Do not copy my work, you can take inspiration but there is a difference. c:

If you're not happy with the model or there are issues please contact me via discord. I want to make sure everyone enjoys my models ^.^

If you would like to use the model for streaming, showcasing or other Vr purposes please credit my model and make sure none of the files are available to anyone at all times.

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67 ratings